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Going back to Bangkok

Three years ago I was living my best life. There’s not other place I’d rather be right now but I’m also very nervous going back. Not just the planning, the rules and restrictions, the papers and PCR tests. It just feels like a lifetime ago. Last time I was there, early 2020, I had plans to stay forever-ish. Then corona happened and everyone including myself literally fled the country. In April 2020 Bangkok literally felt like a ghost town.

I’ve been thinking a lot of what was left there, and what it’s like now. The chance of going back makes me remember just how much I’ve missed it. If all goes well I will be back in just a week’s time. It feels… unreal.

Louisiana, 2021

Different perspectives at Louisiana, September 2021.

It’s your girl

Blog Revival

These past two (three?) years have been crazy. We’re all coping in different ways I guess. I’ve been exploring Tiktok, re-installing The Sims, started jogging and spent a lot of time scrolling my phone. Not gonna lie, my screen time have been insane since. That’s why I’m thinking this blog needs a revival. I don’t have much to say but I miss posting random photos. My phone is filled with moments, memories and memes that will never see the light of day unless I’m bored scrolling then sending them across several group chats.

Since last time I’ve moved to Copenhagen, been in a lockdown in my new lovely apartment, moved twice (including moving back to the lovely apartment), been to Vienna and New York, seen Yung Lean live, watched Curb Your Enthusiasm again and continued to work with my own company. It’s high and low. Now we’re facing another war and I just try not to go crazy. I’ve also booked a trip to Thailand.

Flickr photo dump

Stumbled upon my own and long forgotten Flickr-account and realized that there once was a time when you actually used compact cameras to take photos? May have to post a bunch of them later but here’s four snapshots:

Introducing: sad communication

It’s official! Since end of last year have my own company called very sad communications. sad communication (in short, just sad) summarises me pretty well. It’s emo, a little silly and also abbreviates my full name Sara Domeij. Despite the company name, I am both skilled and professional and will mainly do e-commerce stuff and all things related. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to collaborate on something fun or need my help. This space on the internet will remain for now, but don’t forget to pay a visit to sad communication every once in a while, it’s still in progress but soon enough I will update it with some cool cases. Until then, we’ll always have Linkedin.


Snapshots from FA


In between sessions, Bangkok 2019. Photos by Alex.

Life in Bangkok

So I quit my job and left Stockholm to do what I like most: train muay thai, hang out with my bff, swim in a pool and eat tons of tropic fruits/drink a lot of icy drinks everyday. So far, it’s looking like this:


This is the first time in my adult life that I am experiencing some sort of zen and I am trying to appreciate every single moment of it.

Emotional boys forever

very sad communications

From 2019, I will be consulting as a freelance e-commerce manager and digital strategist but my business is already up and running. It’s called very sad communications (in short: sad). Just like me. Jk lol. More info coming soon. xx

Stockholm Summer

Since I spent the whole summer abroad I had to make the most of my first week back in Stockholm: swimming, drinking and hanging out with my friends. It’s only been one week but it feels like I didn’t leave in the first place.


E-commerce take-aways from Mary Meeker 2018 Internet Trends Report

Mary Meeker is a now legendary venture capitalist who annually presents the year’s most essential online statistics and trends in her famous Internet Trends Report. The report, while citing key data points – growth in certain areas of internet use, online shopping trends, and indicators of the future of the workplace – consists of almost 300 slides of data. It is highly oriented around the US, but there is still a lot to take from it that applies to a global audience.

To start, we see that people are still continuing to increase the amount of time they spend online which of course correlates with the overall growth in digital media consumption and increased ad costs. Roughly 50% of the world (about 3.6 billion people) now have some access to the internet and the average adult spends about 6 hours per day with a digital device.

The presentation was released at the end of May – here are a few take-aways on the e-commerce side:

  • Rapid Growth of E-commerce in Mobile. Mobile is largely powering the growth of e-commerce, and e-commerce is largely powering the growth of retail. This has been a rising trend for years and years now: more people have smartphones, those smartphones are always with them, they’re using said smartphones over 3 hours/day which reflects where people browse and buy.
  • E-commerce sales growth is continuing to accelerate. Roughly 13% of all retail sales come from e-commerce, up from about 5% a decade ago.
  • E-commerce vs Brick & Mortar. E-commerce growth quickens as now 13% of all retail purchases happen online, signalling big opportunities for new shopping apps. The way consumers discover products is also changing, fuelled in part by Facebook and Instagram, with their feed ads feature. Revenue gains for services like Facebook are tightly coupled with daily user growth, showing how profitable it is to become a regular habit.
  • Growth continues in internet advertising. While percent of time spent in media and percent of ad spend declined in print, radio and TV, Meeker identified a $7 billion opportunity in ad spend in mobile as time spent was up 29 percent and ad spend was up 26 percent.
  • Amazon = e-commerce. At least in the U.S.
  • Search is changing. The way consumers search is changing. Now, 49 percent of product searches in the US start at Amazon—36 percent start on a search engine. Another win for Amazon.
  • Mobile payments are becoming easier to complete. China continues to lead the rest of the world in mobile payment adoption, with over 500 million active mobile payment users in 2017.