My online shopping behavior

I do a lot of online shopping, mostly because I hate going through crowded stores to try things on in tiny fitting rooms. There are several types of online shopping behaviours, and I would characterise myself as spontaneous but picky. I either now exactly what I want before I start looking, and rarely find what I’m looking for. Or I just stumble across something; on a blog, in a newsletter or on Pinterest. Then I will enter my PayPal details before I even browse through the page. I am a spontaneous online shopper. But I always do try and go to the brand’s own online shop. The first thing I look for is their return policy – can I make a free return if the items don’t fit? If yes, I will look for free shipping and hopefully get it. This would be my shopper’s threshold – will my impatient and/or laziness be worth whatever I spend on shipping?

The other week, I ended up buying a pair of jeans online. That’s a first. I had a very pleasant online shopping experience on Dr Denim – from the browsing to the unboxing. I actually bought two pairs of high wasted jeans (and a tee to cover the free shipping range), but ended up sending back two items. (Apparently, crop tops can be a little too short, who knew?) Now I’ll just wait and see if their customer service is as good. I sent them an email two days ago and still haven’t heard back, so I guess I’ll have to get back on that one.

Update: got an email from their customer service team today, so all-in-all: great shopping experience!

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