There’s nothing I think is more important than finding, networking and supporting women – in my personal life and in my work. Right now there are a lot of good things circling around the www for women in digital and tech. For women and by women, just as it should be. Apologize for the Stockholm focus but here are a few top of mind that I think is worth a mention:

  • Tekla Festival – “When Robyn teamed up Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology last year to present a technology festival for girls, it was proposed as a one-time event. But due to popular demand, the singer-songwriter’s Tekla Festival is back for an encore on April 9, 2016.” Say no more.
  • Women in Tech (Stockholm)– Behind Women In Tech stands some of Sweden’s largest media and technology companies. A network that wants to inspire women to choose a future in tech and media by providing network and inspiration.
  • SheSays – An award-winning organization running free mentorship and events to women in the creative industry. Why? Because we want to see more women at the top. I myself am a mentor in the programme in Stockholm.
  • Pepp.nu – A mentor programme to enlighten and inspire young girls about the tech industry.
  • Rättviseförmedlingen – Not nisched within tech and/or women, but a very important initiative working for diversity in all industries.
  • tjejerkodar  – arranges coding camps for girls!
  • Geek Girl Meetup – Exactly what the name implies: a conference for geek girls interested in web, technology and innovation. They also have a podcast.

I will try and update this regularly so please feel free to come with suggestions!

Ps. I use Twitter to find and follow news. If you just want to follow some badass babes I have a Twitter list named Ovaries over brovaries. Kudos to you if you know the reference :*

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