Trend Report: Three Internet Trends

Every year, Mary Meeker writes about the trends that will be meaningful for the internet in the year to come and it’s the ultimate internet tech bible filled with stats. So half the year’s gone, but the report was released the other day. As of now, almost 40% of the world are now on the internet and the top companies are platforms (hello Apple and Google). If you have the time you can read the report cover to cover – no, not literally but in a PDF but if you don’t, here are some of the few most important notes that I drew from it.

1. Advertisement will go mobile. The mobile friendly algorithm will not only rank your page, but ads will also need to be optimized for mobile users: adaptive ads, multiple scrollable images and in store access based on gps.

2. User generated content is exploding even more. Companies need to meet their customers by using untraditional marketing methods and platforms that include content created by the actual consumer. Less sales and more engagement is the key. A majority of the customers still wants to hear about products through actual people with actual experience.

3. The user gets more and more demanding (pun intended) – we order food online, book Airbnb housing and watch Netflix on a daily basis. Everything’s just a few clicks away and we want it on demand and/or on the go. We must be accessible exactly when the user wants us to be. Not reaching out? Try and find new ways to do so.

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