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Girls are cool

It has taken a long time, but I have finally found the perfect tattoo artist and her name is Emelinn. She only does stick’n’pokes and is based in Stockholm. Check out her Instagram, Tumblr and put money in her pocket.



First post in forever. Work has been crazy which is also why I decided to leave Stockholm for New York for a month for half work, half vacay. Already half way in and I never want to go home. I love this city. No day is the same, even though I’m only working from hipster cafés, running in parks, dogspotting, hanging out with Alice or spending an awful lot of money on ice coffees and slushy drinks in the heat. It’s been a long year, but being here is definitely helping me to figure things out. Maybe this little space will come back to life soon. Until then, ttyn.

Happy Holidays!

As usual, I’m skipping town and going back to Los Angeles this holiday season. I’m really only hoping for a little bit of sunshine, a lot of palm trees, spontaneous tattoos and some pitchers of margharita. In other words: vacay! It’s been a while now. Last time it looked like this:



Friday Favs

A few randoms from my Pinterest.


Coming back from Lisbon I had to spend a few hours on the airport in Frankfurt. So I did what I always do – I bought new books. One of them was Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS. I’ve seen it, but never felt the urge to read it until now, being very bored and too tired to read anything heavy. So what is #GIRLBOSS? It is the philosophy of Nasty Gal’s founder Sophia Amoruso.


I started reading it with very low expectations as I do not appreciate what I call American feminism that has been portrayed in several popular books by bad-ass women in the past few years. I’m talking about Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Lena Dunham, Mindy Kaling, Caitlin Moran and more. I’ve actually read all those and ended up extremely disappointed since the notion of what they call feminism is being ‘one of the guys’ and absolutely nothing more to it. I don’t know why I was surprised but it left me sad. Anyhow, I thought this was going to be another one of those books but Amoruso clearly states on the very first page that this is not a feminist manifest, although she calls herself a feminist. I appreciate that.

Amoruso’s only 30 years old, and she shares her story of how she went from an anti-capitalistic community college dropout to the CEO of a 100 million dollar company. Sofia and her personal story is a big part of the Nasty Gal brand. I had absolutely no idea what an empire Nasty Gal is. It’s a fascinating and inspiring story, sprinkled with semi-mindful advice and foul language that wants to show that you can make something purely out of passion and drive. I didn’t think it’d work for me, but it did. I read it cover-to-cover and felt both amused and inspired. I love bossy girls. I love reading about them. I love the feeling that there will be more of us. And I really, really long to move to LA.


I <3 Lazy Oaf

Obsessed with Lazy Oaf tbh and I barely even wear color, nor “cute” prints. 

Vacation mode: Lisbon

Started off my vacay with a little trip to Lisbon with a few of my favorite people. Lisbon must be one of the top three beautiful cities I’ve ever been. Literally every block and every street had amazing architecture – tiles in pastel colors, big windows, tiny balconys and abandoned houses and graffiti. Very Wes Anderson-esque – and in a good way ofc. Our huge Intendente apartment was beyond amazing, like an art deco interior dream. We spent our days having late breakfasts on our balcony, strolling around the city, drinking 60 cents double espressos in the sun, hanging out in rooftops or at the beach, ubering to weird clubs and watching the euro games. I will go back.

Lisbon LisbonLisbonLisbon Lisbon LisbonLisbon

Lisbon  LisbonLisbon


Greener with the scenery

I am getting quite obsessed with the plants in my apartment, constantly finding excuses to pass the fancy floral shops and flower market on Mariatorget trying to find new ones. I have no idea what I’m doing but this is my mental image:

Best nine

Here’s my nine most liked pictures from Instagram this year, generated here. A lot of me apparently. But this year was good. A lot of changes, trips and some glitter. I spent the holidays sick in bed unfortunately but my hopes are high for this year. Happy holidays!


My year in music

The other week, Spotify released their annual music report titled ‘2015 Year In Music’ which is a neat feature that provides a recap of the most popular songs and artists that have been played all year. What’s fun is that they also do it custom made for your streaming account. Spotify presents your top acts and songs, how much time you spent listening to Spotify tracks, how many tracks you listened to — and they also conclude with putting together a new ‘Play It Forward’ playlist based on your listening habits to help you close out the year discovering new music.

Here’s what my year looked like:

1 2 3 4

Sick days

I’m home sick on a Saturday and so far I’ve turned to Netflix, youtube yoga and Pinterest. Here’s a few things that made me feel a little better:

My online shopping behavior

I do a lot of online shopping, mostly because I hate going through crowded stores to try things on in tiny fitting rooms. There are several types of online shopping behaviours, and I would characterise myself as spontaneous but picky. I either now exactly what I want before I start looking, and rarely find what I’m looking for. Or I just stumble across something; on a blog, in a newsletter or on Pinterest. Then I will enter my PayPal details before I even browse through the page. I am a spontaneous online shopper. But I always do try and go to the brand’s own online shop. The first thing I look for is their return policy – can I make a free return if the items don’t fit? If yes, I will look for free shipping and hopefully get it. This would be my shopper’s threshold – will my impatient and/or laziness be worth whatever I spend on shipping?

The other week, I ended up buying a pair of jeans online. That’s a first. I had a very pleasant online shopping experience on Dr Denim – from the browsing to the unboxing. I actually bought two pairs of high wasted jeans (and a tee to cover the free shipping range), but ended up sending back two items. (Apparently, crop tops can be a little too short, who knew?) Now I’ll just wait and see if their customer service is as good. I sent them an email two days ago and still haven’t heard back, so I guess I’ll have to get back on that one.

Update: got an email from their customer service team today, so all-in-all: great shopping experience!