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A little visit at Stutterheim

Working as a web manager for a single brand is most often a quite lonely position, which is why it’s nice to come out and meet other people in the industry. You learn that you often struggle with the same issues, although you have completely different brands, customers and markets. This is why I reached out to Stutterheim‘s e-commerce manager Diego, because they have done some really amazing work. He replied almost instantly (as us online people tend to do) and yesterday I paid them a visit at their amazing office in Sofia, Södermalm. It turned out to be a really nice, exciting meeting and I learned a lot. It’s so easy and so rewarding, and all it took was an email and two chocolate chips cookies from Fabrique.


I think I’ve written about Stutterheim before, and how they seem to do just about everything right. No? Well, I do think so and here’s a really nice interview with director and cofounder Johan Loman about the brand’s journey. From melancholy to… more melancholy. My emo heart is crying (of joy, obviously).