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Results of a re-design

So, there’s been a few months since we released the new Tshirt Store Online so I thought I’d share some results (compared to last year):

1. Orders: +300%
2. AOV: +23%
3. Conversion Rate: +1%
4: Revenue: +375%

Great numbers, but a re-design still won’t do the job for you though. To succeed you need to drive relevant traffic, optimize landing pages and not to mention: create and update great content.

New launch: Tshirt Store Online

This is what I’ve been working on lately: a re-design of Tshirt Store online. The objective was to increase online sales which came down to three main things: simplify the navigation and click-to-purchase, product display, filtering and the checkout. Before it was complete chaos, but now the design is really simple and quite neat. Check it out and go get some tees.

Dedicated x Smiley


Perks about working with an awesome brand: getting to sell (and buy) this awesome t-shirt. I’m obviously happy about it.

New job!

The other day I officially announced that I am leaving Mini Rodini after four fantastic years. I’ve been part of this brand almost since the beginning and it’s a bit heart-felt leaving just now, because I know that Mini Rodini is heading towards world-dominiation. And this might sound corny but I will always love Mini Rodini – the brand, the products and my inspiring, bad-ass boss. But with that being said, it is time for me to do something new and in a month I will be T-shirt Store’s Web Manager and I’m really, really excited about that to.