Hi, hello, welcome etc.

Hi, my name is Sara Domeij and I am a young professional working with e-commerce, digital project management and online strategy. I've been working with all things digital since 2011, but my online career started when I was ten, hanging out in forums and making fan sites for Blink 182. Those sites are long gone but I'm still here. And believe it or not, I still love Blink 182.

I'm good at digital strategy, online branding and all parts of the e-commerce process. Since 2019 I have my own company called very sad communications (in short, sad AB). It's both an abbreviation of my name but also a reference to what I love most: emo music. I also love feminism, memes, thai boxing, palm trees, puppies, watching witty tv shows and coffee. One time, a little tipsy on a christmas party, I told my partner that I prefer working with people who are professional without being boring. I think it sums me up pretty well but maybe I just like being tipsy.

If you're interested in what I do, I'd have a look at my Linkedin profile or say hi on hello@saradomeij.com.

Sara Domeij