Hi, hello, welcome etc.

Hi, my name is Sara Domeij and I am a young professional working with e-commerce, digital project management and online strategy. I've been working "online" since 2010, but my I'd say career started when I was ten, hanging out in forums and coding fan sites for Blink 182. A lot has happened since then, but believe it or not - I still love Blink 182.

Since 2019 I have my own company called very sad communications (in short, sad AB). It's both an abbreviation of my name but also a somewhat witty reference to what I love most: listening emo music. I also like feminism, memes, thai boxing, palm trees, puppies, binge watching tv shows and coffee in all forms. I have a lot of tattoos, a lot of them dumb, so you don't need to comment on that if you meet me irl.

If you're interested in what I do, I'd have a look at my Linkedin profile or say hi on hello@saradomeij.com. I'm always looking for fun freelance projects.

Sara Domeij