Blog Revival

These past two (three?) years have been crazy. We’re all coping in different ways I guess. I’ve been exploring Tiktok, re-installing The Sims, started jogging and spent a lot of time scrolling my phone. Not gonna lie, my screen time have been insane since. That’s why I’m thinking this blog needs a revival. I don’t have much to say but I miss posting random photos. My phone is filled with moments, memories and memes that will never see the light of day unless I’m bored scrolling then sending them across several group chats.

Since last time I’ve moved to Copenhagen, been in a lockdown in my new lovely apartment, moved twice (including moving back to the lovely apartment), been to Vienna and New York, seen Yung Lean live, watched Curb Your Enthusiasm again and continued to work with my own company. It’s high and low. Now we’re facing another war and I just try not to go crazy. I’ve also booked a trip to Thailand.

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