New Google-algorithm: Mobile-friendly

This spring, Google will start to favor mobile-friendly websites directly in the search results. Meaning having a responsive web design is not only a necessity for your on-page experience (i.e: conversion rates) but the organic search traffic on mobile devices. So – make sure to read and implement Google’s Mobile Optimization Guidelines (if you’re not sure – they have an excellent testing tool).

On April 21, this new ranking algorithm will start affecting the order of search results directly. And in Google’s words, the change will have a “significant impact” on search results for mobile searchers. How this will affect your e-commerce business depends on what this “significant impact may be, and what your mobile search performance is today. For some, resolving these issues could be a really simple while others may need to do a total re-design.

Now is the same if any to re-evaluate your brand’s online presence, to implement a cross-channel and device strategy.

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