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Snapshots, week 3

Snapshots week 3. Hard days in the gym, lazy days at the beach.

Snapshots, week 2

Four photos best describing my physical and mental state at the moment.

Yung Lean, Copenhagen 2021

Yung Lean by Erling Brodersen Yung Lean Copenhagen

One of the best moments of 2021. Yung Lean, Store Vega, Copenhagen 9 December 2021. Photos by Erling Brodersen.

Outta My head

Talking ’bout the real things
My intention wasn’t always honest
I don’t wanna talk about your feelings
Can we just live in the moment?
(We can talk about it in the morning)
Baby girl, I know you adore me
Feel my body shivering
To tell you the truth, I’ll give you hell

Going back to Bangkok

Three years ago I was living my best life. There’s not other place I’d rather be right now but I’m also very nervous going back. Not just the planning, the rules and restrictions, the papers and PCR tests. It just feels like a lifetime ago. Last time I was there, early 2020, I had plans to stay forever-ish. Then corona happened and everyone including myself literally fled the country. In April 2020 Bangkok literally felt like a ghost town.

I’ve been thinking a lot of what was left there, and what it’s like now. The chance of going back makes me remember just how much I’ve missed it. If all goes well I will be back in just a week’s time. It feels… unreal.

Snapshots from FA


In between sessions, Bangkok 2019. Photos by Alex.

Life in Bangkok

So I quit my job and left Stockholm to do what I like most: train muay thai, hang out with my bff, swim in a pool and eat tons of tropic fruits/drink a lot of icy drinks everyday. So far, it’s looking like this:


This is the first time in my adult life that I am experiencing some sort of zen and I am trying to appreciate every single moment of it.

Stockholm Summer

Since I spent the whole summer abroad I had to make the most of my first week back in Stockholm: swimming, drinking and hanging out with my friends. It’s only been one week but it feels like I didn’t leave in the first place.


A brunch in Bangkok with my bff

I’m back in Bangkok for some time, working remotely, working out and hanging out with my bff who moved here this spring. Absolutely in love with this city, always. This weekend we had brunch at The Commons in Thong Lo and it looked like this:

My latest obsession

Yung Lean

Presenting my mid-life crisis: Yung Lean.

Snapshots from Hua Hin

Hua Hin Bangkok Hua Hin Hua Hin Hua Hin Hua Hin Hua Hin

January, 2018.


It’s January, I’ve deleted all photos on my iPhone and tried not to organize them on my external hard-drive. A mish-mash of faces I’ve loved, stupid screenshots and videos of things I should want to remember. I do and I don’t.