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Emotional boys forever

Friday Favs #2

I present: a collection of cute boys.

From my Pinterest as usual.

A few of my feeds

In lack of posting my own blog posts, here are a few of my fav sites and blogs in my rss feed for when I need inspiration and ideas for work related projects:

Am I missing someone or something?

Friday inspiration

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Inspiring E-commerce: Lazy Oaf

This London based fashion brand was founded by designer Gemma Shiel in 2011 and now it seems ever-expanding. The brand is 100% built upon Gemma’s quirky, bright prints that often have a little twisted sense of humor. The collections are notoriously colorful, cartoon-focused; always with an element of weirdness. They have found the perfect combination of nostalgic prints with and cool, streetwear silhouettes.

Lazy Oaf Start

So what do we have here? We have two young, super cool people; one on a pink backdrop, the other in pink hair. What’s not to love here I wonder. But to break it down, what I do love is how all online channels are built around these strong images, keeping the rest simple. You can’t go to their website and not be happy, it’s simply fun just to browse and look at. You want to see more. And you will! The images are incorporated everywhere, they have amazing product shots mixed up with fun still images, lookbooks, an updated blog and an instagram feed including their fans. Combined with their top-notch social media channels of – yes – more images.  The essence of the brand – young, fun, bold, colorful – is incorporated in every little bit of online communication. What can I say, I love Lazy Oaf.


The American agency Pentagram just did a total re-branding of Office US typography, and it’s amazing. They only used two fonts in different faces, Times New Roman and Arial. Doesn’t sound very exciting but look at this:

Office US


I think I’ve written about Stutterheim before, and how they seem to do just about everything right. No? Well, I do think so and here’s a really nice interview with director and cofounder Johan Loman about the brand’s journey. From melancholy to… more melancholy. My emo heart is crying (of joy, obviously).

Inspiring e-commerce – Glossier

I continuously (and thoroughly) browse the internet for inspiration. Not just for fun or to kill time, but for work too. Right now for example I am looking for nice designs for an upcoming project and this brand continues to impress me. What I like the most is: their imagery, how they display their products, the typography and that they incorporate emojis in their online copy. They have great content that is both valuable and likeable for me as a potential customer. They make me wanna buy beauty products, something that I have absolutely no interest nor knowledge in what so ever. Kudos! Needless to say, this comes across on all platforms.


Their USP, being “girl-powered” and re-thinking beauty really comes across. And I do love girl-power, pastel color palettes and cute online copy.